Toronto Parks Book

The book “Toronto Parks” was published by Klotzek Press in 1997. It has been produced in close connection with the Toronto Parks photographic project. 

The book contains 49 sepia-toned photographs, presenting views of 27 parks. The texts describing each of the parks were written by Sue Lebrecht, renowned nature and adventure writer. The introduction was written by Wayne Grady. There are also hand-drawn maps designed by Teresa Mozicka. The print was done by Matthews Ingam & Lake Inc (A Quebecor Company), Don Mills, Ontario.
The book is still available for sale. The price is $ 24.95, plus $ 5.00 shipping cost.

“This book is a wonderful distillation of Toronto’s connection to its natural heritage. Andrzej Maciejewski’s forty-nine sepia-toned photographs, taken over a period of several years, perfectly convey the unique combination of gentle peace and vital activity that is the essence of the urban park. Wordsworth defined poetry as ’emotion recollected in tranquility’, and these photographs are the visual equivalent of nature poetry. We often tend to think of a photograph as a static thing, just as we sometimes think of nature as still life: Andrzej’s photographic images, like nature itself, magically enshrine movement and vitality. A faint blurr in the foreground where a cyclist has passed and left only a fleeting image on the plate; the subtle play of light from a path-lamp on a nodding blade of grass, stirred by the evening breeze we can almost see in the frame.

This book is more than a guide to Toronto parks – though with its informative text and hand-drawn maps it is certainly that. It is a key by which we enter a world of light and movement, of life and moment, that we realize with a start has never been more than few steps away, all the time.”
fragment of the preface to “Toronto Parks” written by Wayne Grady

Paperback/Hardcover, Pages: 96
Publisher: Klotzek Press
ISBN-10: 0968065732
ISBN-13: 978-0968065730
The editor acknowledges the support of the following sponsors which helped very much with the publication of this book:
Dr. Agata Cybula Dental Clinic
Provincial Papers, a subsidiary of Rolland Inc.
Matthews Ingam & Lake Inc (A Quebecor Company), Don Mills, Ontario
Victor Beintner Systems Ltd.
Zeta Media Inc.

© Klotzek Press, 1997