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I often give lectures and workshops for various audiences, from public school and high school students, through universities and photo-clubs, to other institutions, like YMCA, historical associations, museums, etc.
Below you may find a list of the lectures that are available at this moment, but I will be adding new ones in the future.

1. Deja Vu – repetition as an artistic tool in photography.

On the example of my two series, After Notman and Weather Report , and using some other selected examples, I demonstrate the creative use of the tool, which is specific for photography – possibility of recording of exactly the same view in different moments in time. It allows to document various natural processes, which are otherwise difficult to capture and analyze, like the passage of time, the weather, the cycles of nature, the gradual decay of things and so on.

This lecture is suitable for every type of audience, professional photographers, amateurs and general public, age from 16 years up. Time: 60 to 90 minutes, depending on audience profile and other factors.

2. William Notman – great photographer who documented Canada. 

Lecture about eminent, however little known outside Canada, photographer William Notman.
William Notman was one of the first professional photographers in Canada and in his times, in late 19th Century, he was excessively successful. He owned several photographic studios in Canada and USA. His sons inherited his business and continued its activities and thanks to that the Notman Archives in McCord Museum in Montreal contain now over half million photographs. These include also amazingly executed views of cities and landscapes, a rich and complex documentation of Canada’s history and heritage. William Notman was not only a master in his profession, but also a true artist, devoted, creative, ready to experiment and highly skilled. For all these reasons it’s really interesting to learn about his photographs.

Lecture suitable for general public, age from 16 years up. Time: 90 minutes. 

3. Photography – drawing with light.

Lecture about the importance of lighting in the art of photography based on the selected examples of still-life photographs.
Still-life is very handy for presenting how to use the lighting as a creative tool, because artist working in this genre has much freedom when it comes to the choice of light, position of the camera or time spent on working and therefore may freely experiment. Using examples of works of various artists and examples coming from my own series Garden of Eden , V.I.P. Portrait Gallery and Alien Nation, I am demonstrating how the right use of lighting contributes to achieving desired visual effects, creating the atmosphere and strengthening the message of the work of art. I share some tricks and tips from my own experience, also by demonstrating how to create some of the effects used in my projects.

This lecture is suitable for students of photography. It may be adjusted to different levels of expertize, from beginners to young professionals or semi-professional camera enthusiasts. Time: 90-120 minutes.

4. As simple as that – Camera Obscura and Pinhole Photography.

This lecture is based on my many years experience in teaching workshops on Camera Obscura and Pinhole Photography (see the Workshops tab). It tells the history of Camera Obscura invention, explains how it is built or how you can built your own and how to use it. It explains the difference between Camera Obscura and pinhole camera and gives some tips on constructing and using pinhole cameras for taking actual photographs. The lecture also gives examples of various artists working with both these devices. During the lecture I also demonstrate some simple practical tricks, which illustrate basic optical principles.

This lecture may be adjusted to the needs of various age groups and any profile of audience, from school students (age 12 up) to professional photographers. seniors, general public not particularly interested in photography, etc. Time: 60 to 90 minutes. 

5. Passion and patience – thirty years in photography.

This might be rather a talk than a lecture. It tells the story of my photographic career and the evolution of my art.
The story begins when I founded a photographic club as a high-school student and continues through the period of my further studies, first independent projects, achievements and exhibitions, through emigration to Canada, a period of working as a commercial photographer, a decision of quitting the commercial work in favour of going back to art and consequences of this decision, and tells about my various creative projects and exhibitions up until today.

This lecture may be useful for young people who are thinking about devoting their lives to art (not necessarily photography), but it may be also interesting for professional artists, who would like to learn about someone’s else experiences, or for general public. Time: 60 minutes. 

6. Before Instagram – short introduction to history of photography.

Lecture about history of photography told through history of the cameras.
I demonstrate various inventions, from those preceding actual invention of photography, like Camera Obscura, through first daguerreotypes and tintypes, wet-plate, first film cameras, first color photographs, until contemporary phenomenons, like IPhonography.

Lecture suitable for every type of audience and various age groups. Time: 90 minutes. 

All lectures are accompanied by a slide-show, so the screen and the projector, connected to the computer, are required. Prices vary, ranging from $ 360 – 1,000 plus cost of travel, depending on the venue, distance, profile of audience etc. If you wish to book a lecture for your venue, please contact me.

from Weather Report series

A self-portrait of William Notman, c. 1866–1867

Lighting lecture at TAMK in Tampere, Finland

Studio set up for Alien Nation series

Camera Obscura

Working on Call of the Wild series

Linhof camera