Weather Report

Camera Obscura built for this project. 

“Viewfinder” inside camera obscura

Lens / mirror assembly.

I documented the changing seasons and weather conditions of a specific location in Ontario, Canada using my passion for photography. This project, called “Weather Report”, features 36 photographs taken over the course of a year, from May 2003 to May 2004. The images depict Long Swamp Road, which is located in my village of Moscow, and includes my house and garden. I strategically placed the horizon in the middle of each frame to showcase how the weather and seasons affected the earth and sky. The inclusion of various points and shapes, such as a house on the right, two trees in the middle, an open field on the left, and a lawn with sunflowers in the foreground, provided a better representation of the landscape’s transformation.

I have always been drawn to the documentary aspect of photography. A photograph precisely captures a moment in time and preserves it forever. Thus, I used repeated photos of the same location to capture the ever-changing and unpredictable phenomenon of weather. The project allows viewers to compare and trace the changes and appreciate the various moments and looks of the same place gathered together.

To capture these images, I constructed a 6 ft x 6ft x 10ft walk-in Camera Obscura, which remained in one fixed spot and was weather-proof so that I could shoot in any condition. I used a high-quality 4 x 5 lens and 8×10 color transparencies, enabling me to capture the full coverage of the lens and avoid cropping. This approach fit well with the periodic representation of the seasons of the year, and the high-quality lens allowed for precise detail.

Each photograph’s title includes important information about the exact date, time of day, and weather conditions during the shoot, making it an integral component of the composition.

Preus Museum – National Museum of Photography, Horten, Norway

Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR, USA

Radford University Art Museum, Radford, VA, USA

Created with support of The Ontario Arts Council

I have created various Camera Obscura devices besides the one I built for Weather Report. These devices vary in size and include smaller and larger versions that I have utilized for different purposes. One specific example is the mobile, trailer, walk-in Camera Obscura that I constructed (pictures provided), which I have used for conducting workshops in schools. From 2000 to 2012, I conducted one-week workshops on Camera Obscura and Pinhole Photography for public schools, sponsored by an Ontario Arts Council Artists in Education grant.