Lisbon – Moscow

The photographic series “Lisbon-Moscow” showcases 25 Ontario villages and towns that bear the names of significant European cities. Using a medium format view camera and color negatives, I captured the essence of these places. As an immigrant from Poland who has spent more than half of my life in Canada, I was intrigued by the names of these towns and their origins. Just like me, these names came from across the Atlantic Ocean and settled in their new home for good. It’s fascinating to see how European influence has shaped Canadian culture, as evidenced by town names like Paris and Moscow. However, it’s difficult to find any connection between these Ontario towns and their European namesakes. My series aims to document the appearance, architecture, culture, spirit, and mood of these towns, which represent the typical rural and suburban North American landscape. I didn’t focus on pretty or ugly views, but rather the everyday scenes that can be found everywhere in these places. By selecting towns with European names, I hope to show the differences and similarities between the Old and New Worlds, and how our European heritage has been transformed and adapted in this part of Canada.