Eastern Ontario

I have been gradually building my collection of photographs showcasing the beauty of Eastern Ontario since 1993. Captured on both black and white and color film using a large format camera, I have always been drawn to the subtle charm of gravel roads, rail crossings, and the misty haze that blankets pastures. In fact, this love for the countryside is what led me to make Eastern Ontario my home.

My first photographs of the area were taken during visits to Tamworth, ON, where my friend’s family owned a cottage. Then, in 1998, I finally realized my dream of moving to the countryside and have since lived in Enterprise, Moscow, and Yarker. During the early days of my country life, I would often venture out with my trusty view camera, exploring the forest and marshes in search of the perfect shot.

My Eastern Ontario project is a way for me to capture and document the often-overlooked beauty of this region. It’s easy to drive through these areas without noticing the unique and captivating features that I see. As a photographer, I feel it is my duty to document and share the beauty of my surroundings with others.