Alien Nation

According to scientists, our excessive use of tools is what sets us apart from other animals. Throughout history, our tools and devices have become increasingly advanced, to the point where we no longer fully understand them. We rely on everyday devices like computers and washing machines, but if we were to look inside, we would be unable to identify many of the components. Our civilization has progressed so rapidly that we struggle to keep up with the changes. It’s as if our civilization no longer belongs to us, but was brought to us from some distant, otherworldly place. This series of photographs captures the inner workings of common devices, presenting them in a sci-fi aesthetic inspired by movies like “Star Trek” and “2001: A Space Odyssey.” I wanted to showcase the mysterious and incomprehensible nature of these objects, without using any digital manipulation or tricks. By playing with lighting and perspective, I aimed to create an alien-like impression that reflects our fascination with the unknown. These everyday objects are transformed into spaceships or colonies on distant planets – a reminder that the line between reality and fantasy is often blurred.

Lighting set up in studio.