The scientists say that it was the excessive use of tools, what really made us different from other animals. Through the ages our tools and various devices, which make our life easier, became very sophisticated – so much that now we don’t understand them any more. We use our computers, washing machines, hair dryers, but we are not really sure how they work. And if we look inside of such a device, we cannot figure much of all these mysterious cables, screws and other parts that we wouldn’t even be able to name. The progress of our civilization was so huge and recently, so quick, that it brought us to the point when we no longer keep up with it. It is like our civilization wasn’t ours any more – like it was brought to us from some distant place, by some strange creatures, wiser than ourselves. We live surrounded by alien civilization. This is why this series of photographs of the parts found inside of various devices, has been based on aesthetic of science-fiction movies. I chose only the devices commonly used in every-day life, normal things that constitute integral part of everyone’s reality. And I photographed them in such a way that they might be as well the spaceships, or colonies on distant planets, or some other creations of aliens. Hundreds of movies, from “Star Treck” to “Space Odyssey”, were my inspiration as to how we imagine these alien worlds or our own distant future. I did not use any digital manipulation or any other actual tricks that would change how these things really look like. Of course, the choice of the vantage point and the lighting, much helped in achieving general alien-like impression, but all these objects are, in fact, as mysterious and incomprehensible as in my photographs.

Lighting set up in studio.