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Eastern Ontario      

The collection of views of Eastern Ontario was created gradually over a long period of time, between 1993 and 1999. I took these photographs with large format camera on black and white film.

I love the discreet beauty of gravel roads, rail crossings and the fog floating over pasture. This was one of the reasons that I have chosen Eastern Ontario for my place to live. I always wanted to live in the country. While still living in Toronto I used to visit often Tamworth, ON, where my friend’s family owned kind of cottage. It was there where first photographs of Eastern Ontario series were taken. Then, in 1998 I fulfilled my dream and I moved to the country. First I lived in Enterprise, then in Moscow and since 2007 I have been living in Yarker. In the early period of my country life I had a habit of “going for photos” almost every day. I would take my good old camera and I would wander around, often forcing my way through the forest or a swamp, in search for places, which, I felt, I had to shoot. This was kind of a mission to me, but first of all my greatest pleasure. (Photo - three photographers shooting in Eastern Ontario, from the left: Andrzej Jerzy Lech, Andrzej Maciejewski, Artur Wiszniewski)

Like many of my other projects Eastern Ontario is an attempt of registering the unnoticed. The difficult, quiet beauty of these places may pass unnoticed very easily; you may drive for hours through Eastern Ontario and then say: “There is nothing there”. For me there is something there and I wanted to share it with you. I chose to shoot in black and white in order to emphasize even more the special atmosphere of the melancholic empty country roads, vast fields and quiet villages, which names are sometimes bigger than the villages themselves.