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Alien Civilization 

I completed this series in 2013. It features 36 colour photographs of parts taken out from various devices, which we use everyday in our homes. Alien Civilization is a second part of my planned trilogy on 21st Century life-style. The first part was titled Garden of Eden .
It would be hard to imagine our lives now without all numerous devices, which we use on daily basis, like washing-machine, vacuum cleaner, hair-dryer and so on. These basic devices though, became so complicated and sophisticated that we are not sure anymore how they work or what they have inside, we no longer understand them. They are like products of some alien civilization, more technically advanced than ourselves. This is why I photographed my objects in a manner based on Science-Fiction movies, making them look like they were space-ships or bases of aliens on distant planets.
The photographs were taken with an analog Sinar view camera, on 4x5 inch colour transparencies. I did not manipulate them digitally. The effects you may see here, like objects which seem to by flying, etc. have been achived thanks to the right use of vantage point and lighting. Like with Garden of Eden, I was using tungsten lights. (Above:photo from my studio)

Artist statement for Alien Civilization